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Friday, June 07, 2013

Mercedes-Benz Dog Bed

Available here.

Sofa.com: Sofas that shout 'sit' print ad.

My Wife Susannah spotted this in the evening paper. Makes me want to have this sofa AND these dogs. I'm not sure if that's their aim.

Barking Blondes Book

I've started seeing print-ads for the new book Barking Blondes about two women whose lives were transformed by their pets.

My life was transformed by my pet. I never used to have to pick up shopping-bag loads of dog dung or clean up bucket loads of vomit in the middle of the night. Now I do.

You can buy it here.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tuff Puppy on Nickelodeon

I just had to share this on-air promo for Tuff Puppy made by my mate Heidi Gadd.

"Al Poochino" is my favourite.

Golden Retriever Live Stream!

At this very moment they're sleeping but something tells me I'll be watching a lot of this 24/7 live stream. One of them is sleep-barking right now. Love it.

Monday, June 03, 2013

From Britain's Got Talent to Afghanistan

"An animal trainer who danced her way into the finals of television show Britain's Got Talent with her moonwalking collie Gin is now training dogs to sniff out bombs in Afghanistan." - The Telegraph. 

Read on here.

Pets growing up with their owners

You can see the complete album here but be warned it does contain cats. I've done the hard work in removing them so you don't have to see them. No, don't call me a hero. I'm just one guy, trying to help out where I can.

Thanks to Helen Ledlin for sending these in!

Sad Dog Diary

I absolutely loved this. I just want to watch it over and over.

Canagan Premium Dry Food, available now.

The lovely team at Canagan have sent in an enormous Great-Dane sized bag of their premium Canagan dry food. Canagan is a small business taking on the big guns of the pet food industry with their boutique, 100% British made dog food. They make food for cats also but naturally Charlie and I disapprove of any attention being given to the undeserving species. Charlie has already made a sizeable dent in the Canagan bag (and our dining room wall. And a friend's car door). Anyway, in the words of DJ Pied Piper, we're lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it.

In a coup for Canagan, Pets Corner have committed to helping underdogs such as Canagan and are stocking their products alongside the multinationals, Bakers and Pedigrees of the world.

Don't take Canagan's word for it though. Here's what Pets Corner have to say:

Canagan is the first British made grain free complete dried pet food in the UK. It’s produced by a small firm (Symply Pet Foods) in the market town of Chesham, in the Chiltern Hills and run by Eddie Milburn, who’s been in the pet food nutrition business for over 25 years. With up to 60% nutritious animal ingredients in every bag, it’s the finest food we sell.

Help support Canagan by buying a bag and watching your mutts go mad for it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ray Charles the Blind Golden Retriever

Gosh I just want to give this guy the biggest cuddle ever. This is Ray Charles the blind Golden Retriever puppy who has now become an internet sensation after his owners created a facebook page about him. I know today's postings make it seem like I'm obsessed with dogs in clothes but I really dislike the practice. For Logan's Look, Menswear Dog and Ray Charles however, I'm willing to make an exception because they're just so darn awesome.

Daily Mail/ ITN/ Huffington Post

Menswear Dog

I have fallen in love. I'm love with this 3 year old Shiba Inu. I'm in love with this shiny blog's look and layout. I'm in love the wardrobe. Basically suffice to say I want Menswear Dog's owner to own me too.

"Menswear Dog is a 3 year old Shiba Inu living in NYC with a panache for all things style. His interests include never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho looking for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches." Mensweardog.tumblr.com

OK so it's hard to match Menswear Dog for pure cool but if you like dogs with sartorial elegance, check out Logan's Look as well.

Magic Word

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma Tornado 2013. Woman finds lost dog.


The happiest thing I've seen in a long time.

Thanks to Stefania Treta for sending this in.


You can buy a GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher here.

Bad Dog Table

Check out this nifty piece from Straight Line Designs, although I think the joke would wear thin in someone's house. It would be pretty funny in Vet Clinic's reception though. I'll tell Charlie's Vet.

Casey the Miami Airport therapy dog.

I was glancing over a Sydney Morning Herald article about killing time in airports. I don't know why- I don't go anywhere. Anyway, the article mentioned if you're at Miami Airport and are afraid of flying, you can seek out Casey the Golden Retriever therapy dog who works as an ambassador and calms the nerves of travellers. Can Miami get any better? First the Bay Harbour Butcher, now this!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lewis Hamilton's Bulldog, Roscoe

Roscoe, Lewis Hamilton's British Bulldog puppy is experiencing the cult of celebrity 'first paw' now that he's a fixture on the F1 circuit.

Roscoe has his own special pit-pass and gets taken for walks by the F1 star when off the track. Needless to say Lewis has just gone up a couple of notches in my estimation. The true test will be to see if his commitment to Roscoe crashes out early or whether he's committed to this endurance event.

Here's Lewis and his pampered pooch. Also pictured is Lewis's Bulldog, Roscoe.

If you're wondering how people can take dogs around the world so easily. Two words: Private Jets.

SUREswivel dog tether

Finally a useful doggie gadget! I'd love one, although I don't think a cat is going to be too happy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Charlie in the studio with Josephine Butler

I recently had a voicing session with the wonderful Josephine Butler of Peep Show, Lawless Heart, The Bible and Boeing Boeing fame. Charlie came along with me too for a bit of a day out (or day in as is more apt for an audio session in Soho). He took to Jo like white on rice and promptly pinned her hand down so she had to stay with him. He's not silly.

And just for giggles here's what Jo, Charlie and I made together on the day. FYI: Jo is the one voicing this BBC promo.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Daniel Tosh's Dog Simon

He's super funny and the star of Comedy Central's Tosh 2.0. This is his Maltese named Simon. 

Want more Celebs and their dogs?

OK these probably aren't theirs but still fun:

Here are some I prepared earlier.

My human says it's OK

Summer Heights High's Mr G and Celine

It seems musical theatre is the all-singing, all-dancing name of the game here at DoggieFile today. While we're at it...I know Summer Heights High is long gone but I laugh everytime I think of Mr G, Celine the Chihuahua and poor old Rodney.

And here's "Mr G the Musical" covering two different but equally important topics of teens dying from drugs and a chihuahua getting hit by a car. Makes perfect sense. For those who don't remember, all proceeds of Mr G the Musical were in aid of building the Gregson Performing Arts Centre. Enjoy...

Hugh Jackman and Dali the French Bulldog

Aussie-all-star-musical-theatre-maestro-and-all-action-movie-man can do no wrong in my book. Now he's only gone and got himself a French Bulldog. Champion!

Want more Celebs and their dogs?

OK these probably aren't theirs but still fun:

The Book of Mormon Dogs

Here begins Musical-Theatre-Monday-Madness on DoggieFile!

Have you seen the I'm a Mormon PR campaign posted all over the place (especially any city where "The Book of Mormon" musical is playing)? My favourites have a dog in the billboards (I've seen two Labradors so far) and the tag-line says I'm a Mormon. Anyway, this makes me wonder...just how many Mormon dogs are really out there?

Anyway, we went to see the 15-time Tony Award winning "The Book of Mormon" on the weekend and it reminded me of this Mormon dog issue. Now, in the sketchiest of segues let's continue the topic of Mormons, musicals and mutts because here are two of the stars of the London show Gavin Creel and Ashley Day who turn out to be dog owners and dog fans!

Here's "Elder Price"- Gavin Creel with Wally.

Ensemble cast member Ashley Day and Arthur.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a taste. This is a clip of the original US cast at the Tony Awards:

Dog dancing to "Shake That" by Eminem

This is one sassy bitch.

Thanks to Stefania Treta for sending this in.

Hither Green NEDs: Non-Educated Delinquents

I keep meeting lovely pups named Ned. Thankfully just the name, not the acronym. 

This is Ned the tiny pug-cross puppy.

Charlie, come here. I've got a secret to tell you.

Pedigree Rescue Dog Commercial- Good Dog, Bad Dog

This ad made me so sad! I am so proud that our Charlie is a rescue. Some people should just not be allowed to have pets.

This reminds me to repost one of my favourite commercials of all time here on Doggiefile. 

Want to rescue? Here's just a few ideas:

Greenwich and Blackheath

We made the most of a beautiful weekend enjoying the outdoors around Hither Green, Blackheath and Greenwich. Here are some moments...

Dogs not welcome...

Dogs welcome! 

Brian the American Bulldog pup loves Charlie. Charlie tolerates American bulldog pup named Brian. Note whom Brian's standing on.