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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Floral friends, market madness. Pt III

Once we turned into Columbia Rd and were confronted with the sights and scent of thousands of flowers, we were also confronted by this very laid-back flower fan screaming along the footpath at about 0.2miles an hour. Here's one for the Australian fans of Hamish and Andy; a real-life Basset Hound! No, he's not Fred Basset but he is 'Sir Floyd' and is 4 1/2. His owners are dog mad like we are, so we were amongst friends.

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wendy said...

I love Bassett Hounds. Did you know no matter what colour they bodies are they always have a white tip to their tail as this is easily identified in the long grass when they are out hunting, great at sniffing out things.