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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Floral friends, market madness. Pt IV

Suse was very glad to find a Rhodesian Ridgeback, one of her favourite dogs. This very lovely gent is Chaka. He had a very broad head and body and loved a pat. We then saw a trio of inquisitive Miniature Schnauzers. Further along we met Jin and his Fox Terrier named JJ and later, had some time with Mycroft the 3 year old English Bull Terrier. And no, he didn't respond to me shouting "Bullseye", despite me trying repeatedly. Awkward. Mycroft (named after Sherlock Holmes's brother. No, I didn't know either) is the owners' second English Bull Terrier. Their last one was a white Bullseye doppelganger.

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wendy said...

What wonderful interesting dogs you met. You really could produce a book with what places attract dogs and owners. What dogs people are attracted too? People with dogs are always so friendly towards each other. Have you made contact with any dog magazines as I am sure that they would love to add your comments and photo's in a little feature each month?