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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Floral friends, market madness. Pt V- Final

After seeing the vibrant beauty of the flower market, we went and took a stroll down Brick Lane market. Now here I must admit I would much rather pat one of the dogs than one of the people. You're less likely to catch something!

This last pup made me sad so I thought in the interest of balance, I captured the moment for DoggieFile readers. Rose was owned by one of the men who sold secondhand bikes, clothes and the like at Brick Lane market. Rose was missing a fair few teeth, was old and gentle enough. She was obviously cared for- her owner had made a little kennel for the day out of cardboard to shield her from the sun and she had water. The sad bit was when she barked, the man would threaten her with an air-horn attached to an aerosol can. I'm all for sound-diversion therapy, having watched many episodes of It's Me or the Dog, as well as Dog Whisperer Caesar. But this was a little cruel considering the sensitivity of dog's hearing. Anyway, that's Rose the Japanese Akita (Akita Inu) cross and for her, it's certainly a dog's life.