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Monday, August 09, 2010

Home is where the Hertfordshire is.

I was having lunch today with my workmate Jeff, only to discover he didn't just like dogs, he had two of his own! He also told me how sad I was for being obsessed with dogs while not having any myself. Now, I'll admit the man has a point. Alas, until I can have one though, the 'dlog' will have to do.

So I expected this Mr Jeff Ford to have only black dogs but instead he has a golden one and a fawn one. I like to call them Model-T and Model-A, but they're really called Brandy and Scooby. They're both about six years old and come from rescue centres, and of course we're big fans of rescuing dogs here at DoggieFile. Check out these pics of Brandy the photogenic Lab and Scooby the Great Dane-cross. Clearly they've certainly taken to the gentile surrounds of Hertfordshire, just North of London.

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