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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Staffordshire Steve!

Tom Cameron has just sent through the pics on his new pup Steve the Staffie/Collie cross (pictured here in Bathurst, Australia). 6 month old Steve is a rescue from the Central Coast of NSW. Tom says he's an absolute smooch who will run up to people and lay on his back infront of people wriggling around until they pat him. That's all well and good Tom, but I want to hear about the dog! 

Seriously, Tom tell me Steve's also great around kids and does not have too much interest in other dogs at the dog park, just people. He also has developed an avid interest in fly screens- he's chewed through 3 to date. Steve loves a good car ride, so much so that if anyone opens a door near him he will jump in. Now, that's my kind of pup! I can't wait to see Steve when I go back to Sydney in December to be Tom's Groomsman. Maybe holding Steve can be my job while our other mate Mick has the responsibility of looking after the rings!

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