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Friday, April 01, 2011

Ultimate Grooming

These are the pics from the Annual Ultimate Dog Grooming Show in the US. All I can say is...some people have a lot of spare time. Below, Angela Kumpe's dog Josh as a Bison with a Native American Indian at the rear, pictured at Groom and Kennel Expo in Pasadena, California

Falcor is a fire-breathing dragon.

Josh stars as an eagle.

Missy apears to have a Japanese woman draped across her back.

Duchess is the Queen of Hearts.

Jill Pipino's dog dressed as a Giraffe complete with spots.

Catherine Opson's dogs Renegade and Twinkle make a double act with their Koi carps and panda.

Zorra has a scorpion on her back.

Cindy is a multi-coloured dragon.

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