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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birds of Prey

As a belated-Birthday surprise, Suse booked us in for an afternoon at the Birds of Prey Centre in Old Warden in rural Bedfordshire and it was amazing. We held Bengal Eagle Owls, Kestrels, African Fish Eagles, Harris Hawks and we saw a display featuring Falcons, Hawks, Red Kites and Owls. Some of the eagles we saw are capable of killing animals up to the size of a deer, but typically hunt for hares, squirrels and other birds.

We learnt so much but most importantly, a bird of prey is one which has a raptor beak, is a carnivore and which uses its feet for capturing and killing. A Red Kite is one of the few birds of prey which can transfer prey from its talons to its mouth mid-flight.

Pictured: an African Fish Eagle named Fraggle.

Picture: A handler untethering an enormous female Golden Eagle named Emma. Note that female birds of prey are much larger than males.

Picture: Fraggle isn't the largest type of eagle but even still, these talons would go straight through an unprotected arm or hand and out the other side.

Picture: Suse with Fraggle.

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Cherry Nest Designs said...

Wow - nice bird! The Eagle is nice too.