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Friday, August 26, 2011

Battersea Dogs

For those unfamiliar with the UK dog World, Battersea Dogs Home is one of the most famous Institutions in Britain, either animal-related or otherwise. Check out this video, it really made my day.

Coincidentally, I've had a couple of six degrees of separation moments this last week. I was on the train down to the South Coast and a man had two magnificent Staffies with him. One was really big for a Staffy, but the other was just normal size. They were so well-behaved and had so much personality. And...they were both rescue dogs from Battersea Dogs Home.

I was trying to have a discussion with him but I think I was barking up the wrong tree-

And lastly, I've just started working with a colleague named Kim, who has made me so jealous by showing me pics of her beautiful dog Timmy from, you guessed it, Battersea Dogs Home. He is part Mastiff, Labrador and Boxer. I suggested "Labrastiffy" but I don't think it's a designer breed that will take off. Check out Timmy the big man, below.

Which Battersea Dogs need a new home? Click here to see.  


Clare said...

Fantastic video Al. Your blog is looking excellent. Makes me smile every time LC

Allan Blatch said...

Thanks Clarence! Suse and I are a little obsessed with finding a rescue dog for our new house! LA