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Monday, August 15, 2011

The final word from John Bradshaw

I recently posted an article about John Bradshaw's new book called in Defence of Dogs. I wrote to John to ask him, as a Anthrozoologist, what he thinks about dog shock collars; right or wrong? Here is John's response, exclusive to DoggieFile.

 "My opinion is that shock collars should be only available under license to accredited practitioners (http://asab.nottingham.ac.uk/accred/reg.php), because they are so easy to misuse.  I think that their use is only justified if the dog's life is otherwise under threat - e.g. a habitual sheep-worrier. The Welsh Assembly has, however gone for an outright ban, and I believe there has recently been a prosecution."

so there you have it.

In related news, The Guardian's Science Weekly podcast is with no other than John Bradshaw. Check out what he has to say here.

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