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Monday, August 08, 2011

Grandmother saves boy in Rotty attack.

I always get very disappointed when there are dog attacks with Rotties or similar breeds. They're such powerful and magnificent dogs but unfortunately people let them near children or off the lead in unsuitable situations. In the latest horrific dog attack here in the UK, the little boy and his the Grandmother were just innocent bystanders. The dog's owner ran off and hopefully he will be called to account.

It's the same old story with Staffies and Mastiffs but why do these attacks keep happening? If people are going to have these amazing but clearly risky breeds, why aren't they more responsible? How come people need a license to drive a car or a planning permit to put up a garden shed but any idiot can go out and get a dog? If we know it's going to continue happening unless things change, why can't we change things?

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Read the article here from the BBC.

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