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Monday, September 05, 2011

Are breeders evil?

Yes this generalisation conjures the image of the stereotypical cruel and heartless money-grabbing dog abuser but there's a reason for this question. Suse and I are dreaming about buying our first dog together in the near future. We have been keeping tabs on Battersea, Dogs Trust, Daneline and the like but we have been slightly worried about dire warnings underneath the dogs' photos such as, huge emotional or behavioural problems, can't be near others animals, can only be housed with other dogs, can't be near children etc. So we've started thinking about a rescue puppy or at least a dog young enough to still be able to correct any bad behaviour. I've been scanning different sites and came across the German Shepherd Rescue Centre. I have always felt that large-scale dog breeding or a 'puppy farm' is absolutely revolting and should be outlawed, particularly while there are so many dogs being abandoned and put-down. But I also know there are wonderfully passionate small-scale breeders and people who have just ended up with a puppy on their hands after their bitch gets up to mischief down at the park.

Clearly I need to find out a lot more information about this but the reason for this posting is to share this webpage with you from the German Shepherd Rescue Centre. I know it's taking a hardline stance but it really is alarming and sickening to think of what some breeders do. They also pose the question of whether the UK Kennel Club is complicit in this cruelty. Be warned this may upset some people.

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SJB said...

This made me feel very sad.

If you want to help but don't know what to do, you can find more information and action plans here: