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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Boycott Ukraine Euro 2012

I had no idea about this scandal until I read about it from Joanne Casey. I won't dwell on it because it is just so horrific but the Ukraine Government has slaughtered approximately 60,000 stray dogs to cleanse the streets before the soccer tournament. It is just so sad. I have to ask myself, well what should you do with stray dogs? What can you do if they can't be tamed or trained? Where do you put them? Something else I wonder is how they were killed. Many reports indicate they were cruelly and inhumanely slaughtered. Perhaps if there was a plague of stray dogs then maybe the numbers do need to be culled, but it would have to be humanely. I saw a video on youtube of a dog being killed in readiness for this tournament and it was terrifyingly barbaric. The Alsatian frothed and had fits on the ground in an agonisingly slow death, surrounded by people who seemed to think it was the most normal thing in the World. The thing I can't stomach is that they'd be murdered just because of a sporting event. That's just low. But I would like to know more about this story and the reasons for the mass culling. And I don't know enough about the Ukraine to assume that this just must be normal Former-Sovet Bloc mentality.

The earlier story of the killings from The Guardian newspaper.

The success story from Naturewatch

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