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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Farmer George Price- Public Enemy Number 1

To summarise the story, two border collies jumped the fence at their boarding kennels and ran into the sheep paddock of Leigh Sinton farmer George Price. So he went into the paddock and as the dogs ran towards him, he shot them both in the chest. Police have declined to charge him but the RSPCA is investigating further. The owners of the two beautiful bouncy border collies were phoned on holiday in Spain to hear the news. Read the full story here.

Disclaimer: This article is from the Daily Mail so I can only hope there is another side to this story. Perhaps these dogs are collateral damage in a long-running dispute between the farmer and the kennels for example, which the Daily Mail choose to not mention. At least...I hope there is some reason for killing these dogs.

Below: the two dogs Millie and Benson

Below: the heartbroken owner at the dogs' grave.


Anonymous said...

Shoot farmers, not dogs. Someone start a campaign to take all guns off these inbred maniacs.

Allan Blatch said...

I also know a lot of farmers and they're all very environmentally minded wonderful people and they would be just as disgusted by this story.