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Monday, October 08, 2012

Perros en Espana/ Dogs in Spain

Susie and I are back from a wedding in Spain and I finally have the chance to get up to date on Doggiefile. Apologies for the lack of posting of late.

I was surprised to pet dogs everywhere I looked in Madrid. It seems to be a very dog-friendly culture. These are just some of the dogs we met along the way.


This last blue Great Dane pup grabbed our attention for obvious reasons. When we went to say hello though, we discovered he wasn't in the best health and while his owner meant well, wasn't looking after him too well. He was very skinny and tied with just length of chain around his neck. The worst thing though was that he was suffering from the very painful condition of Entropion, where the eyelids tilt inwards and the dog's eyelashes rub against the eyeball.I asked the owner about seeing the vet to which he said he was but still, the dog in discomfort, out on a busy street in the middle of the night. It made us really sad to see a beautiful Dane mistreated.

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