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Friday, November 23, 2012

Royal Mail calls for tougher dog laws.

Read the article about dog attacks here, courtesy of The Guardian.

I sympathise with people who get attacked but seriously, if anyone should get attacked, it's the various royal mail staff who deliver to our house. Half the time the mail is soaked and falling apart as if it's been sitting in a bucket of water, that is, if the mail is even meant for our house. I spend a fair bit of time redelivering mail to the relevant neighbours, despite massive house numbers on all the houses. And don't get me started about them not closing the gate after themselves. Sometimes, I hear the doorbell chime at the same time as hearing something slip through the letterbox. By the time I get to the door (not a long distance I assure you) the mailman has left and is around the corner but has left a pre-written missed delivery slip, meaning I either have to chase them down the street or spend half a day waiting at the depot. Oh this gets my goat. The Royal Mail service is up there with the worst service I've ever encountered. I'm sure there's great Royal Mail staff out there, it's just a shame they don't deliver to our house!

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Why would you need such a note ?