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Monday, March 04, 2013

California Canines.

Sorry for the radio silence! I've been away having a holiday and you know...taking photos of dogs and all that. We drove around California and the funniest thing I saw were these baby prams for dogs. I couldn't believe people could push them around...as like...not a joke. Not to mention what a waste of money especially when the dogs need to exercise. Ok if the dog is disabled; sure. But seriously...let's not less this become mainstream. Fight the good fight.

We were amazed at how dog-friendly California is. In Australia or the UK (the only two countries I can comment on with any authority) you would never ever ever be allowed to take your dog into food or retail shops or restaurants. Seeing dogs walking off the lead in boutiques on Rodeo Drive made me so happy. As I always say...it's the people you need to worry about, not a dog! Go California!

Below: In San Francisco we spotted a guide dog training day. We watched these three trainees catch the bus and it gave us a real buzz to see the three lovely Labs.

Below: On Fisherman's Wharf there is a great shop for doggiefiles. These are glazed tiles with just about any breed you like. Unfortunately the only Danes were Harlequins and sadly depicted poor Danes with mutilated and cropped ears. My one man protest against ear cropping was simply to not buy one.

Below: A 26ft tall Marilyn welcomes visitors to Palm Springs:

Palm Springs is a big dog town. Many many people holiday and relax in the desert and naturally they take their best friends with them. We found the US very dog-friendly but the Coachella Valley was especially dog-friendly.

Below: Outside retailer Anthropologie are three bowls to cool down the furrier visitors.

Below: Another waggly welcome.

Below: Back in Los Angeles Wife Susannah found herself an easy-to-carry monogram, perfect for pyjamas, towels...or a large wall.

Below: We were in shock to discover just how dog-friendly LA was. We couldn't believe our eyes when a woman pushed a stroller into Ralph Lauren on Rodeo Drive. Then a few minutes later this chap just took himself for a look around. And no one batted an eyelid.

Below: In stark contrast to a ridiculous dog stroller for walking, I thought these dog trailers were an excellent transport option for the more active amongst us. 

Below: A Bichon Frise with free reign in a beautiful M6 convertible. I love charlie but I don't know if he'd be allowed in my M6. Umm...if I had one.

Below: We came to love spotting these dog trailers in California. This is one we pulled up behind in San Luis Obispo on the mid-Californian coast.

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