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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Charles in Charge (of the Lake District).

We took Charlie and Suse's Mother, Anna on an adventure to the Lake District (in Northern England just below Scotland) for the Long Weekend. For an Aussie, the scenery is stunning and about as green as it gets. The flip-side of that lush green colour though is rain, rain, rain. I was wondering how the lakes stayed full. You only need to be there a night before the sky answers that question. If you're visiting the UK I thoroughly recommend you take your hiking boots (or gumboots in my case) and a cagoule and getting out and about. Charlie and the other dogs we saw were absolutely mad for it.

Hanging out at the pad above Lake Windermere:

Only take my good side. Only take my good side.

Walking around Lake Windermere:

We had to keep him on his lead in paddocks and for very good reason. Charlie was a little too fascinated by the sheep. We don't know what his intensions were but it wouldn't have ended well.

I know it's hard to believe but his Workin' 9 to 5 line-dancing routine does wear thin.

The walk. Almost. Killed. Me.

On top of a fell overlooking Lake Grasmere:

Charlie at the Cumberland Pencil Company factory and museum (home of the World famous Derwent Pencils) at Keswick in Cumbria.

Sydney the Chow-Chow. His owners bought him and named him Sydney after they moved back from Manly* in the Great Southern Land. I guess calling him Manly would be a bit too weird.

Outside 'Bridge House' in Ambleside, one of the UK's smallest houses.

End of holiday. Sad face.

*Speaking of Dogs and Manly, check out Winston the Bulldog from Manly Beach, downunder.

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